Ashley Hall – Equestrienne Decor Her Riding Habit - July 16, 2018

My name is Ashley Hall and I live in beautiful Central Florida with my husband Nick, and three boys (Layton 10, Jude 7, and Quinn 3). After practicing residential Interior Design for many years I opened my own company this year, Equestrienne Decor. I ride Cowboy, an 18 year old Paint who belongs to my friend Aly, and our favorite thing to do is trail ride. Cowboy is the kind of horse that I can put my children on bareback, trail ride through the most wild places, and compete in a Hunter Pace with the best of them. He is truly a one in a million horse and I love him to pieces!!  Her website is and you can find her on instagram! @equestriennedecor .


I have only been using my new stirrups for a month, but I don’t think I will ever find a pair that is better. It was love at first ride! I like the safety feature, grippy wide base, and ergonomic design. Mine are the black on black Venice style.



I adore the comfort of this helmet and I never ride without it. The company is one I admire and respect and I feel comfortable and safe wearing it. I love the classic yet sporty lines of the GR8.



These boots are truly the best bang for your buck. Mine are Cognac and I am so in love with the look and feel of them. The fit is so good without being custom, and the cognac color is so handsome. 


We call it Cowboy’s “Party Bridle” for good reason! The navy color of the beads really brings out his beautiful blue eyes. I love this company and all of the selections they offer. For me, a personalized browband is the finishing touch.



I always wear this vest when I ride, it is lightweight and so comfortable, you honestly forget you have it on. I highly recommend this great piece of equipment!
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